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About BT&P

About BT&P

BT&P (Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post) is a multi-sectoral independent supervisor and regulator on behalf of the government of Curaçao of the providers of services and products in the following sector-related spheres of activity:

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Added value BT&P

The added value of BT&P in the capacity of supervisor is threefold:

  • for the consumer/citizen
    by monitoring the quality of the provision of services and products, affordable tariffs for the consumers and taking action against violations by the producers and service providers of certain sector-related legislation, policy prescriptions and guidelines determined by the government
  • for the producer or provider of services and products 
    through its role of supervisor in the various sectors, as a sector expert through information and advice as well as a specialist in the field of sector-related policy, the law and regulations and monitoring the observance thereof
  • for the government 
    through the preparation of policy and legislation and by acting in an advisory function towards the government in this framework

Notifications and tips

Your contribution is invaluable for BT&P. Submit your complaints, report your findings or forward your tips. If you experience a disturbance, if you have a complaint about a service or product, or if you have information about companies which do not observe the rules, then get in contact with us or notify us by the Complaint Form, with a clear description of the subject and the sector to which your complaint is related. BT&P will then engage its expertise to detect the core of the problem and to remedy same within the framework of its power.