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Message from the CEO

Smart Nation Curaçao: Digital hub in the Caribbean |
State of the art regulation of Telecommunications, Postal Services and Utility provisions

Having a unique position as the regulator for the telecommunication sector and internet security, while also being a watchdog for developments in ICT – good or bad, Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post readily acknowledges the need to champion knowledge and innovation in both telecommunications and internet security.

The same goes for the other areas we regulate, namely postal services and utility provisions.

Like many island nations with little natural resources – like oil, for example – Curaçao has faced certain challenges regarding the development of a stable economy in the past. However, great possibilities for realizing sustainable economic growth are emerging in our era, because: data has become ‘the new oil’.

Considering the latest developments and insights concerning ‘big data’ (data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things), now is the time for us to focus on transforming Curaçao further into a Smart Nation.

The Smart Nation philosophy rallies the collective efforts of citizens, businesses and government to improve the quality of services offered and the wellbeing of our community. The use of innovative information and communication technologies, appropriate networks and data that is accumulated on a variety of social, business and governmental platforms, will be key in this endeavour.

Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post is committed to maintaining Curaçao as a leading country in developing the Smart Nation concept in our geographical area. Based on our outstanding regulatory achievements and our diversified creative capital, I surely foresee Curaçao as a trendsetter in this promising approach and thus becoming a digital hub in the Caribbean.

I cordially invite you to enjoy our website that reflects our ambition for the reliable regulation of telecommunications, postal services and utility provisions and to spearhead Smart Nation development.

Mr. F. Sluis
CEO Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post