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BT&P applies standard application procedures for the sector-related spheres on which it exercises supervision pertaining to obtaining authorizations, registration of couriers, certificates of no-objection, applications for numbers and applications for radio & tv recordings. This application procedure comprises the following basic steps:


Download and print the application form


Complete the application form

Voorzie het aanvraag formulier van een plakzegel ter waarde van NAF. 10.00

Attach a revenue stamp to the amount of NAF.10.00 to the form


Submit the required and completed attachments and mandatory statements together with the application form


Submit the completed application form with the required attachments and mandatory statements via post or personally at BT&P


Pay the fee due and payable by the law

Revenue stamps are obtainable at BT&P or from the Office of the Receiver of Curaçao. Application forms cannot be completed and submitted in digital form.
An application form which has not been accurately filled in or which is incompletely submitted, may result in your application not being granted or being delayed.

Read more about other relevant information related to applications here below.


BT&P is under obligation to charge to the applicant the costs it incurs for all the activities in connection with the issue of authorizations, numbers, certificates of no-objection, or the registration of couriers. This similarly applies for the costs in connection with exercising supervision on adherence to the attendant obligations. The amount of these fees has been laid down in the Decree on fees telecommunications provisions, to be downloaded below.



Decree on fees telecommunications provisions, P.B. 2008, no. 58

Additional documents & annexes

Each application requires apart from a completed application form, also the attachment of additional mandatory documents and statements.

This information is usually clearly further detailed for the applicant in the relevant application form.

You must submit this information in accordance with those specifications together with your application. It is recommended to first gather all the required documents and statements prior to commencing the completion of the form.

Forwarding to BT&P

Application forms and the required completed annexes and mandatory statements and documents may be personally delivered or sent by post to:

Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post
Indicating the subject of your application
Beatrixlaan 9, Emmastad
P.O. Box 2047
Willemstad, Curaçao

Radio & tv recordings

As an extra service BT&P also offers the possibility to apply for radio and tv recordings from a requested period.

Please fill in the data of the recording requested by you on the application form as completely as possible and forward it to BT&P. may be effected by fax to: + (599-9)736-5265 or via e-mail to radio-opname@burtel.cw

You may download the application form here:

Application form radio- and tv-recordings


For questions concerning the substance of the form, you can contact the office of BT&P via +(599-9) 463-1700:

Authorizations: Department of Licenses, Registrations and Fees, vrv@burtel.cw
Courier registration: Department General Affairs & Post
Numbers: Department of Technical Affairs
Certificate of No Objection solar PV Installation: Department of Licenses, Registrations and Fees, vvgb@burtel.cw