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BT&P publishes 2016 Statistical Publication Telecommunication Services Performance Indicators

Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BT&P) has published the 2016 Statistical Publication of the Telecommunication Services Performance Indicators.

The report discusses the trends in telecommunication services over the past years including regional and international benchmarking.

This is the 4th report that is based on data that BT&P collected through an internationally standardized questionnaire from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This questionnaire was sent to operators in the first half of 2017, requesting them to provide the values on the point-in-time date of 31 December 2016 (EOY 2016). 

The ITU questionnaire includes, for each telecommunication service, research on the number of subscriptions and the costs for services provided.

Download the latest Publication by BT&P for an extensive overview of the relevant data on Telecommunication Performance Indicators. 

ITU questionnaire as a research source

Over 200 economies worldwide take part in the annual ITU questionnaire, which is the basis for the benchmarking conducted by BT&P. Regulating bodies of various participating countries provide broadband and telecommunication data to ITU for this purpose. All relevant collected data are published annually by ITU. For 2016 these were published in ITU yearbook of Statistics 2016, which includes Curaçao, and in the publication Measuring the Information Society 2016

As part of its research BT&P has compared the questionnaire data applicable to Curaçao with similar economies in the Caribbean, South America, Central America and the global average. BT&P also uses international research data and collected data (datasets) from recognized research institutions such as the Central Bureau of Statistics Curaçao (CBS) for benchmark research purposes. 

All the collected information provides a very significant contribution to the insight of BT&P into the current market situation in Curaçao as compared to other economies. Consequently, it is a very valuable indicator for the effectiveness of applied policy measures.

(Source: Statistical Publication 2016 Telecommunication Services Performance Indicators l ITU. Publication period BT&P: 2017)