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BTP&U is well on track

BTP&U annual report 2016 submitted to minister Jesus-Leito and framework plan for future action presented

Willemstad 18 June 2017 – Bureau Telecommunicatie, Post en Utiliteiten (BTP&U) is well on track with timely reporting and planning ahead. Recently the regulating entity submitted its annual report 2016 to the minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning, Mrs. Zita Jesus-Leito. At the same time BTP&U presented its Future Readiness Initiative plan, indicating to be prepared for the future.

BTP&U Director, Mr. Franklin Sluis, submitted the annual report in the presence of the members of the Supervisory Council of BTP&U, Mr. Medgar Isebia and Kenneth Martes. The minister was pleased to receive the annual report 2016 and at the same time to be able to learn more about the commitment of the regulator to being prepared for the future. With the delivery of the annual report 2016, BTP&U complies with the good habit of corporate entities of accounting for the past year during the first-half of the subsequent year.

Multi sector regulator

Since 1996 BTP&U has developed into a regulator of multiple sectors in our community: telecommunications, post, electricity, water, fuel, airport tariffs and cyber security. With this BTP&U is responsible for regulating approximately 30% of our Gross Domestic Product, which represents +/- 1.6 billion guilders.

Aside from complying with the existing regulations, BTP&U must also take into account aspects such as the right to universal service provisioning, fair pricing and competition, production and distribution efficiency, guaranteed service continuity and mitigation of the effect of extreme market power.

Market development & knowledge

While fulfilling its tasks, BTP&U takes full account of the interests of all its stakeholders. The regulator is also aware of its imperative role in market development and knowledge in the field of regulation. This applies to the community in general but more importantly to the regulated entities, as this approach will enable our community to better understand and appreciate the quality of regulation.


As a multi sector regulator in our community, it is important that BTP&U is at the forefront of the developments in the regulated sectors. As a frontrunner BTP&U is better prepared to take on future challenges, facilitate the developments in the regulated sectors and, among other things, assist in fulfilling minister Zita Jesus Leito’s vision and mission for the creation of a small smart and safe nation. Therefore, for the next five years, the regulator will prepare itself progressively for the future.

In spite of its wide range of duties, BTP&U with its wide range of expertise, sees opportunities to take on more sectors for regulation in the near future for the benefit of our community. 

(Source: Press release BT&P. BT&P publication period: 2017)