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Collaboration BT&P with Conatel & Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands

Willemstad, 28 November 2017 - On November 14 en 15 Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post (BT&P) convened a meeting with representatives of Conatel (the telecommunications regulatory authority in Venezuela) and representatives of Agentschap Telecom (Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands, the telecommunications regulatory authority for the Caribbean Netherlands) on Bonaire. The objective of these meetings was to discuss solutions for radio-interference issues and to create the conditions for an improved collaboration between regulators of the telecommunications market concerning radio frequency use, to prevent radio-interferences in the future. 

With the establishment of a framework for mutual collaboration in this field, BT&P, Conatel and Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands have reached an agreement regarding guidelines for the provision of electronic communication services without causing radio-interference in the mentioned areas. Additionally BT&P, Conatel and Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands exchanged ideas on regulation and the latest technological developments in the various regulated frequency bands. By doing this the regulating organizations want to ensure that the electronic communication services provided to the population are up to speed with the latest technological developments and at the same time that each country is able to participate in the digital economy. 

The following subjects were discussed and will be included in short term in a mutual collaboration agreement: 

  • The use of frequency bands for mobile telephony, speciifically the frequency bands 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz  and 2500 MHz.
  • Free conditional use of radio frequency bands particularly in the 2.4 en 5.8 GHz bands.
  • The exchange of experiences in the field of regulation on a regional level and participation in regional meetings/conferences of, among others, ITU, CITELen  REGULATEL.
  • The migration of systems for analogue televishon to digital televisión with the pertaining regulatory framework.
  • The frequency use for FM radio and UHF TV.
  • The protection against radio-interference in the aeronautical bands with the pertaining regulatory framework.
  • The allocation of radio frequencies in PPDF systems (Public Protection Disaster Relief systems: communication systems for first response emergency services).

BT&P and its partners in Venezuela and Bonaire strive to conclude a collaboration agreement which includes the technical and operational frameworks for the collaboration between all providers of telecommunication services in the involved countries, without radio-interferences hindering the provision of service and quality to the client. Additionally BT&P, in its commitment to ensuring continuity in the provision of quality in the field of telecommunication in Curaçao, will continue to engage with regional regulators, with a view to keep exchanging ideas and staying abreast with the latest relevant advancements.

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(Publication period BT&P: 2017)