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Cooperation protocol between BT&P and FTAC

Willemstad, 26 June 2018, Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BT&P) and the Fair Trade Authority Curaçao (FTAC), both supervisory authorities in Curaçao, established a cooperation protocol on 26 June 2018, on information and knowledge sharing in the execution of their supervisory tasks.

Based on the National Ordinance on competition the FTAC has been established as the supervisory authority in all economic sectors in Curaçao regarding the applicable regulations for free and undistorted competition and their enforcement. The FTAC takes action against organizations that prevent, restrict or distort competition. The new regulations of the National Ordinance on competition are effective as of 1 September 2017.

BT&P was founded in 1996 to execute a variety of regulating tasks, among which the supervision in the field of telecommunications. Since then its tasks have been expanded with the addition of the regulation and supervision in the field of postal service provision, the energy sectors and the regulated airport tariffs. Currently their tasks are being expanded with, among other things, the economic regulation of the health sector in Curaçao.

Although the tasks and authority of the FTAC and BT&P are significantly different, it is important to avoid contradictions in the execution of their tasks and authority in the sectors they have in common. In addition, the exchange of knowledge and information, as far as legally permissible, can also benefit the efficiency and effectiveness of both regulators. FTAC Chairman Alberto ‘Chos’ Romero: “Cooperation with other regulators is very important for the FTAC. By sharing signals and information, we can make regulation more effective.”

With the establishment of the FTAC both regulators have contacted each other, resulting in the signing of a cooperation protocol. In this protocol agreements have been laid down regarding regular consultations and the proper form of action should there be an overlap in the execution of their tasks and authority.

Download the Cooperation protocol

Download the press release in English or the Papiamentu version of the press release.

(Source: BT&P. BT&P publication period: 2018)