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Feed-in tariffs renewable electricity generation 2019 unchanged

Since November 16, 2011 it is possible for households and businesses on Curaçao to generate renewable electricity for own use purposes in combination with a connection to the electricity network. The current tariffs which are applicable with regard to feeding in renewable electricity in the electricity network, consist of a feed-in tariff of NAF. 0,25 per kWh in combination with a fixed monthly fee of NAF. 8,00, NAF. 16,00 or NAF. 24,00 per installed kWp, to be paid to the electricity company. 

During 2018 the costs of electricity production based on fossil fuels have increased as a result of anr increase of the international market prices for oil products. As a consequence of the continuing increase of oil prices also the fuel clause as part of the regular electricity tariffs is currently increasing, despite the implementation of the three windfarms which slightly curtail this development.

Based on the yearly evaluation according to the ‘Tariff guidelines for small scale renewable electricity generation’, the Government of Curaçao decided to maintain the abovementioned tariffs. The fixed monthly fee which is charged to cover the costs for the use and availability of the network, the network connection and generation capacity, will remain unchanged to maintain pay-back periods for end users with a new PV-installation in line with internationally common pay-back periods between 7-10 years. The feed-in tariff will be maintained at NAF. 0,25 per kWh as this is still in line with the current (development of the) fuel clause.

Download here the official publication of the tariff for 2019 as published in the newspapers. 
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Download hier de officiële bekendmaking van de teruglevertarieven voor 2019 zoals in de kranten gepubliceerd.
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