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Airport tariffs

Airport tariffs


On 2 November 2011, the Council of Ministers resolved that the determination of the tariffs of passenger facility charges, landing and parking fees in the future shall be established on the basis of cost orientation and a regulatory cost model.

To that effect, BT&P is charged with the regulatory tasks involved with applying this system. These regulatory tasks are:

  • Development of tariff calculation methodologies
  • Preparation of legislation in connection with the tariff calculation methodologies
  • Monitoring the tariff procedure
  • Rendering advice to the minister regarding proposed tariffs
  • Evaluation of the current tariffs based on the tariff procedure and on that basis determination of new tariffs

Apart from the BT&P and the minister of Traffic, Transportation and Environmental Planning, the following parties are involved in the establishment of the tariffs:

  • The operator of the airport, being Curaçao Airport Partners N.V. (CAP), appointed as the body authorized to collect the passenger facility charges, landing fees and parking fees
  • The provider of air traffic control services Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider N.V. (DC-ANSP), who provides services for the Curaçao airspace, including approaching and aerodrome traffic of the airport of Curaçao, inclusive of Bonaire and Aruba airspace
  • The airline companies, as interested parties to be consulted about proposed tariff adjustments