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Concession holders

Exclusivity of the concession holder 

In the postal sector Curaçao recognizes 1 concession holder: Cpost International N.V.

In order to guarantee an optimum provision of services certain frameworks have been incorporated in the postal legislation, within which the postal company is permitted to provide postal services with exclusivity in Curaçao and from Curaçao to countries abroad as well.

This exclusivity is derived from a concession which is granted for:

  • The transportation against payment of letters each separately not weighing more than a maximum of 2,000 grams
  • The installation of letter boxes or mailboxes by or on the public road for the public 
  • The issue of postage stamps and imprinted stamps containing the image of the King or Curaçao.

For the international transportation of postal items the concession holder also has to adhere to the obligations binding for Curaçao, originating from the deeds of the (UPU, Universal Postal Union). In this context the concession holder is entitled to act in the capacity of postal administrator of Curaçao.

Exceptions to the concession holding 

Exceptions applicable to the exclusivity of the postal concession holder, are outlined in article 12 and article 13 of the National Ordinance on the Post 1998. For further inspection download Official Gazette 1997, no. 319.

Implementation conditions of concession holding 

The concession holder is subject to obligations, stipulations of liability and professional conditions. The conditions which, at any rate, are applicable to the concession holder, are the following: 

  • Maintaining a proper service provision 
  • The manner and extent of service provision
  • The rate structure and the rate adjustments
  • The confidentiality
  • The protection of the personal privacy
  • The provision of periodic information to the Minister on behalf of the supervision
  • The duration of the concession
  • The grounds for revoking the concession

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