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Present postal policy

The present policy is primarily based on the postal legislation, National Ordinance on the Post 1998, (Official Gazette 1997, no. 319) and therewith related implementing regulation which constitute the legal framework for the regulation and supervision on the activities in the postal sector in Curaçao by the government.

For support and advice concerning the policy to be applied and the execution of tasks originating from same by the law, the minister of VV&RP (Dutch acronym) is assisted by BT&P pursuant to article 5 of the National Ordinance Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post, (Official Gazette 2006, no. 69).

The present policy of supervision on the provision of postal services is based on a postal scenario consisting of a national postal company, Cpost International N.V., which pursuant to the post al legislation based on a legal monopoly (exclusive concession) offers assigned postal services. In addition there are a few professional courier services apart from the national postal company, who are permitted on certain terms and conditions to offer postal services for which no concession is required.

The policy for the regulation of this market is based on the supervision on the observance by market parties of all conditions stipulated by the law, in order to safeguard the universal postal provisions and the quality against an acceptable price. 

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