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Postal Company

In accordance with the National Ordinance regulating the Post 1998, (Official Gazette 1997, no. 319), for the purpose of safeguarding a proper service provision in the field of mail items in Curaçao and between Curaçao and abroad, an exclusive concession has been granted to Cpost International N.V. (formerly Nieuwe Post Nederlandse Antillen N.V.) for the following assigned services: 

  • The transportation of letters up to 2,000 grams against a fee, except for in case of a registered courier or an exemption
  • The installation of letter boxes or mailboxes by or on the public road for the public 
  • The issue of postage stamps and imprinted stamps containing the image of the King or Curaçao

Compliance with the conditions of the concessions

The supervisory tasks of BT&P on Cpost International N.V. are primarily geared towards the continuous compliance with the assigned services and the conditions on which a concession was granted to that effect.
As concession holder, Cpost International N.V., will pay an annual (concession) fee for the supervision.
The conditions subject to which a concession is granted are based on the following principles:

Maintaining a proper service provision against an acceptable price and in accordance with the standards of the UPU regarding quality, reliability, swiftness of transportation and number of mail deliveries per week 

  • The manner and extent of service provision
  • The rate structure and the rate adjustments
  • The confidentiality
  • The protection of the personal privacy
  • The provision of periodic information to the minister for the benefit of the supervision
  • The duration of the concession
  • The grounds for revoking the concession

Supervisory tasks in practice

In practice, the supervision of BT&P on the postal company pertains to the following tasks aimed at compliance with the obligations under the concession:

  • Supervision on compliance with the conditions of the concession by the concession holder
  • Rendering advice in case of non-compliance with conditions of the concession
  • Rendering advice when submitting prescriptions to the concession holder
  • Rendering advice on rules to be set for letter boxes
  • Rendering advice on imposing an administrative penalty upon the concession holder
  • Rendering advice on persons charged with investigating punishable acts
  • Rendering advice in pointing out extraordinary circumstances in connection with maintenance of the international legal order, or in connection with the international relationships and the concession holder sending mail items abroad from out of Curaçao and from abroad to Curaçao.