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Pursuant to the National Ordinance on telecommunications provisions (Official Gazette 2011, no. 37) an application must be submitted to obtain an authorization for the installation, maintenance, operation or commercializing of a radio-electric transmitting installation.

In order to facilitate the application procedure, you may download the form below which is relevant for your application.


Application forms for authorizations.
  • Application form Wireless Data connections PDF
  • Application form VSAT PDF
  • Application form Microwave communication PDF
  • Application form Radio broadcasting PDF
  • Application form TV broadcasting PDF
  • Application form Cable broadcasting PDF
  • Application form Land mobile communication PDF
  • Application form Air-to-ground PDF
  • Application form Limited coastal station PDF
  • Application form Recreational vessels PDF
  • Application form Radio communication Maritime Definitive permit PDF
  • Application form Radio communication Maritime Provisionary permit PDF
  • Application form Radio amateur Local PDF
  • Application form Radio amateur International PDF
  • Application form Sales authorization PDF
  • Application form Concession Long Distance telephony PDF
  • Application form Concession Local Fixed telephony PDF
  • Application form Concession Mobile telephony PDF

Application procedure

Completed application forms may be submitted personally or by post to the BT&P office:

Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post
Stating the subject of your application
Beatrixlaan 9
Willemstad, Curaçao

Together with your application form please also submit all required documents and statements. More information about these mandatory documents can be read under Authorizations. It is not possible to fill in or submit the application form digitally. 

For questions or in the event of obscurity regarding the contents of the forms, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the BT&P office on + (599-9) 463-1700 or via email to Vrv@burtel.cw.

Currently there is a scarcity of available frequencies for radio broadcasts and (analog) television broadcasts. Applications for authorizations for these items are therefore only to be considered subject to availability.

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